Boarding Facilities

We offer a variety of boarding facilities including  large standard bays, double bays (which allows cats from the same family to board together), and our studio room which is perfect for the spoilt kitty cat or many cats from the same family. Our accommodation has all the home comforts included and has plenty of room for you to bring whatever you feel would make your cat’s stay more comfortable.

The cattery is well air conditioned in the warmer months and has heating supplied throughout the cattery for the chilly winter season.

Boarding Requirements

Cats should all adhere to the following requirements before coming to stay with us:

  • All cats must be in good general health with no known infectious diseases.
  • All cats must have proof of a current (within the last 12 months) vaccination certificate
  • All cats must be desexed if over six months of age.
  • All cats must be wormed at least every three months, and especially before boarding with us.
  • All cats must be protected against fleas by using a monthly application of flea treatment. Note: If fleas / worms are identified on your cat they will be treated at the Cattery at an additional expense to the owner.


All cats boarded at Comfy Cats are provided with a large selection of bedding to meet your cats requirements. From hooded and non-hooded cushion beds, cushions, blankets, scratch posts, cane baskets, igloos and pillowed crates. However, if your feline friend has a favorite sleeping basket or similar, you’re more than welcome to bring your own.


Of course, is one of the services provided at Comfy Cats Cattery. Your cats diet is very important, which is why we believe in maintaining healthy eating. At Comfy Cats Cattery we like to keep your cats on the same diet they have at home. We have a selection of fod brands dry & wet and can order in, on request, the variety your cat needs. You can also supply your own food if your feline friend is particularly fussy or on a special prescription food. Last, but not least, all cats are supplied with fresh, clean water.


Comfy Cats Cattery offers a medication service, allowing cats on medication to be boarded. This includes cats on insulin and antibiotics. No fee is charged for this service.

Pickup & Delivery Service

This service is available to all clients but must be arranged at the time of booking.  A pickup and delivery fee will apply depending on the area in which you live.  We also offer a pick up and delivery service to the airport. Please contact us for more information.

Special Services

All cats boarded at the Comfy Cats Cattery are provided daily with plenty of interaction, cuddles, hugs and playtime.

Comfy Cats works in conjunction with another family business “Animal Travel” which is South Australia’s leading animal transport company with over 20 years of service. Both business work out of the same location, so we can cater for your feline friend’s needs whether it be short or long term. In conjunction with Animal Travel, we can organise any domestic and international travel requirements and supply a large variety of airline approved carry cages.

Please feel free to contact Ian Liddle at Animal Travel in Adelaide on 0412 818 443 or (08) 8354 0499. He would be happy to answer any questions about your pet’s travelling requirements.

Veterinary Services

There are more than five vet practices within a few kilometers of Comy Cats Cattery, as well as the emergency after hours clinic just down the road on Anzac Highway.  If your cat should become unwell, the appropriate treatment will be sought by using our local vet or your resident vet (if requested).  On boarding your cat with us, you are required to sign an agreement to pay for any vet costs incurred by treating your cat.

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